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I am using the Stanford POS-tagger application to tag some articles in about 300 files. To do this, I wrote a C# code that will go through the files and use the tagger.

My code looks like this:

Process thisProcess=new Process();

if(Directory.Exists(@"C:\brown2")) {
    DirectoryInfo brown=new DirectoryInfo(@"C:\brown2");
    DirectoryInfo brownParsed;

        brownParsed=new DirectoryInfo(@"C:\brown-parsed");

    FileInfo[] files=brown.GetFiles();

    foreach(FileInfo f in files) {

        Console.WriteLine("Parsing file "+f.Name+" ...");
        thisProcess.StartInfo.Arguments=@"C:\postagger\models\wsj-0-18-bidirectional-distsim.tagger "+f.FullName;
        StreamWriter sw=new StreamWriter(Path.Combine(brownParsed.FullName, f.Name), false);
        string output=thisProcess.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd();
        //Console.WriteLine("File {0} done!",f.Name);
    Console.WriteLine("Dir not found!");


And the stanford-postagger.bat looks like this:

usage: stanford-postagger model textFile e.g., stanford-postagger models\left3words-wsj-0-18.tagger sample-input.txt

java -mx300m -cp "stanford-postagger.jar;" edu.stanford.nlp.tagger.maxent.MaxentTagger -model %1 -textFile %2

The problem is:

The code runs it, but it will NOT run the java command. I tried it on my laptop, and it works like a charm, it tags. But it won't tag large files due to not enough memory. But on my PC, which is more powerfull, it will not run the java.

If I open the CMD and enter that java command with the right parameters for a file, it works. Any ideea of what may cause it not to work? All the paths are good, I triple checked them.

Here is an example of output I get from the non-working program(on my PC):

C:\postagger>java -mx300m -cp "stanford-postagger.jar;" edu.stanford.nlp.tagger.maxent.MaxentTagger -model C:\postagger\models\wsj-0-18-bidirectional-distsim.tagger -textFile C:\brown2\aaa.txt

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Is the laptop and the desktop using the same bit OS ? –  coolmine Mar 27 '13 at 20:50

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I'm not 100% certain about running a batch file using this, but perhaps using Process to execute it?

var process = new Process
            StartInfo = new ProcessStartInfo
                FileName = "path-to-file.bat"
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It's not the bat file execution, that works, the batch file execute itself, but the java thing won't go on –  user569605 Mar 27 '13 at 20:53
what happens when you type "java -version" into your normal command line (cmd.exe)? –  Rogue Mar 27 '13 at 20:57
it works. funny thing, if i run it from CMD it works. If i type "java -version" in my cmd, it shows my the java version, 1.7.0_17. But, i changed my batch file instead of "java arguments here" to ""C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_17\bin\java" arguments here" and it worked. Weird stuff :) –  user569605 Mar 27 '13 at 21:12
"java" is an environment variable that would just execute that exact file anyhow. I don't believe that environment variables are user-specific, but perhaps that could be an issue? At least it's solved however. –  Rogue Mar 27 '13 at 21:14

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