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I'm trying to get tumblr "liked" posts for a user at the url. I have registered my app with tumblr and authorized the app to access the user's tumblr data, so I have oauth_consumer_key, oauth_consumer_secret, oauth_token, and oauth_token secret. However, I'm not sure what to do with these details when I make the api call. I'm trying to create a command line script that will just output json for further processing, so a solution in bash (cURL), Perl, or python would be ideal.

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Well if you don't mind using Python I can recommend rauth. There isn't a Tumblr example, but there are real world, working examples for both OAuth 1.0/a and OAuth 2.0. The API is intended to be simple and straight forward. I'm not sure what other requirements you might have, but maybe worth giving it a shot?

Here's a working example to go by if you're interested:

from rauth import OAuth1Service

import re
import webbrowser

# Get a real consumer key & secret from
tumblr = OAuth1Service(

request_token, request_token_secret = tumblr.get_request_token()

authorize_url = tumblr.get_authorize_url(request_token)

print 'Visit this URL in your browser: ' + authorize_url
authed_url = raw_input('Copy URL from your browser\'s address bar: ')
verifier ='\oauth_verifier=([^#]*)', authed_url).group(1)

session = tumblr.get_auth_session(request_token,
                                  data={'oauth_verifier': verifier})

user = session.get('user/info').json()['response']['user']

print 'Currently logged in as: {name}'.format(name=user['name'])

Full disclosure, I maintain rauth.

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I sort of found an answer. I ended up using OAuth::Consumer in perl to connect to the tumblr API. It's the simplest solution I've found so far and it just works.

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