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I'm attempting to set the stacking order (z index) of movieclips to be chosen according to the z position of each mc.

I have hundreds of mcs each given a x y z position from external data that i am retrieving. everything is positioned well but the stacking order - which by default is set as the order of the appearance of each mc in my loop.

One uncomfortable option that i dont really wish to pursue is sorting the data according to the z positions before attaching the mcs in a loop.

Is there a quicker, more elegant way to do this?

thanks for the help

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You can use sortOn to sort an array of your MovieClips by their z property, and then add them all to your container using a loop like you described. This is the probably the cleanest and most elegant way to do this.

Assuming you have an array list with your MovieClips in it:

// Sort the list and add the children.
list.sortOn("z", Array.NUMERIC);
for each(var i:DisplayObject in list)

If the order is wrong, just add list.reverse() before the for loop.

With 1000 Sprites having a randomly generated z value between 0 and 1000, this process takes 3ms on my machine, which is exceptional.

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thank you Marty, ill give it a go –  user2217576 Mar 27 '13 at 22:54

If your items are all children of a common parent, you could do it this way:

function goSort(container:DisplayObjectContainer):void {
    var list:Vector.<DisplayObject> = new Vector.<DisplayObject>();
    var i:int = container.numChildren;


    for(var i:int=0;i<list.length;i++){

function sortZ(a:DisplayObject, b:DisplayObject):Number {
    return a.z - b.z;

Then call:

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