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I have written a custom policy in FluentSecurity (implement ISecurityPolicy) and a corresponding PolicyViolationHandler by implementing IPolicyViolationHandler. Everything is working perfectly with the policy and the handler, however I'm doing some back-filling by writing some unit tests to test my implementation of IPolicyViolationHandler.Handle(PolicyViolationException exception). I know I'm doing it backwards writing the test after the implementation (admission to avoid flames).

My question is: Is there a way to generate a PolicyViolationException object as a mock that I can pass in for my test? PolicyViolationException doesn't have any public constructors (so I can't new an object), nor an abstract base, or interface to mock against (using Moq).

I took a look through the API but didn't see anything to generate one. I know I could do some reflection magic to get one, but wanted to check if I was missing something.

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In releases up to and including version 2.0-alpha4 this is not possible. However, this issue will be resolved in the upcoming 2.0-beta1 release of FluentSecurity where the constructor will be made public.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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