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I have a rails application where I display some results based on a date range. I am using some global variables to set the dates. My code looks like below:


  <td>From: <%= $from %></td>
  <td>To: <%= $to - 1.day%></td>


if (params[:first] || params[:next] || params[:previous])
    if params[:first]
        $from = Date.today - 7.day
        $to = Date.today + 1.day

    if params[:next]
        $from = $from - 7.day
        $to = $to - 7.day

    if params[:previous]
        if $to != Date.today + 1.day
             $to = $to + 7.day
             $from = $from + 7.day

This code seems to work fine, but when I access the application from more than one machine, it is a mess as the global variables are not unique for each instance I guess.

So I tried to use @variable (instance variables) instead of global variables. But whenever I submit the page from the view, all the variables get reset to NULL and the values don't persist to the controller. Can someone suggest me some pointers to deal with the problem here.

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How are you 'submitting the view'? –  ramblex Mar 27 '13 at 22:32
@ramblex : That's my last option....:( –  Pi Horse Mar 27 '13 at 22:37
possible duplicate of Ruby on Rails - Avoiding Global Variables –  CodeGnome Mar 27 '13 at 23:11

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Without more context it's unclear what your specific problem is. That said:

Controllers are instantiated per request: instance variables are obviously reset between requests.

Perhaps a before_filter and/or some utility methods to instantiate those from/to vars?

Also, the wrapper around each param's if statements seems redundant; is it really necessary?

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