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I have X as a csr_matrix that I obtained using scikit's tfidf vectorizer, and y which is an array

My plan is to create features using LDA, however, I failed to find how to initialize a gensim's corpus variable with X as a csr_matrix. In other words, I don't want to download a corpus as shown in gensim's documentation nor convert X to a dense matrix, since it would consume a lot of memory and the computer could hang.

In short, my questions are the following,

  1. How do you initialize a gensim corpus given that I have a csr_matrix (sparse) representing the whole corpus?
  2. How do you use LDA to extract features?
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Gensim has a semi-well-hidden function that can kind of do this for you:

"class gensim.matutils.Sparse2Corpus(sparse, documents_columns=True) Convert a matrix in scipy.sparse format into a streaming gensim corpus."

I've had some success with it using a corpus extracted with CountVectorizer, then loaded into gensim.

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Thanks a million @Fred, worked like a charm! – topcoder Mar 29 '13 at 7:15

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