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Want to read the contents of any file and store it into some kind of structure.

I'm not wanting to be able to read whatever is inside this file, the contents are going to be transmitted over a web socket.

I'm passing in the file name/path through command line parameter, i.e. argv[x]

My question is, how do I read these contents? what data type would it be? Since the file could be anything, i.e. .txt, .cpp, .pdf, the extension doesn't matter.

any references to a good tutorial would be great...!

i don't think the fstream library would help, because I would have to store the data into an array, and I can't pass that through web socket


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Yes, an array is perfect: you can send an array of bytes through a socket.

Just read the data into an array of bytes, and then send the array through the socket.

Also, if you will send it to a Web server then you'll have to send first some HTTP headers.

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