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I have a linking problem. I installed Visual Studio 2012, downloaded qt-sourcecode and compiled it for vc 2012 and it is working fine together with the visual studio add-in. Then I downloaded Boost and compiled it.

On a console-application everything works fine with Boost, but if I create a qt-project and want to use Boost there (filesystem libary) , I get a linking error:

error LNK2019: Verweis auf nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol ""void __cdecl boost::filesystem::path_traits::convert(char const *,char const * .......
error LNK2019: Verweis auf nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol ""public: static class std::codecvt<unsigned short,char,int> const & __cdecl boost::filesystem::path::codecvt(void)......
fatal error LNK1120: 2 nicht aufgelöste Externe

it means "unresolved external symbol" in english..

I used the same including-paths and library-paths, but I can't solve this problem for hours. Even not if I compile Boost with mingw option

Anybody have an idea how to solve this problem?

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Did you build Qt with the option '-Zc:wchar_t' ? – Motes Mar 27 '13 at 22:42
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Okay, I think I found the solution, not it works fine.

It is a little difference but it has wasted hours of searching. Finally this link solved the problem: link to solution. It is the link in the first comment. I only have to change in visual studio: project properties -> c/c++ -> langauge -> Treat wchar_t as Built-in Type: yes. Then the program will link correctly

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