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Is it possible to create an html form to allow web users to upload files directly to azure blob store without using another server as a intermediary? S3 and GAW blobstore both allow this but I cant find any support for azure blob storage.

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Do take a look at these blog posts for uploading files directly from browser to blob storage:



The 2nd post (written by me) makes use of HTML 5 File API and thus would not work in all browsers.

The basic idea is to create a Shared Access Signature (SAS) for a blob container. The SAS should have Write permission. Since Windows Azure Blob Storage does not support CORS yet (which is supported by both Amazon S3 and Google), you would need to host the HTML page in the blob storage where you want your users to upload the file. Then you can use jQuery's Ajax functionality.

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Update: Azure now supports CORS. –  Edward Brey Jan 8 '14 at 15:22

Now that Windows Azure storage services support CORS, you can do this. You can see the announcement here: Windows Azure Storage Release - Introducing CORS, JSON, Minute Metrics, and More.

I have a simple example that illustrates this scenario here: http://www.contentmaster.com/azure/windows-azure-storage-cors/

The example shows how to upload and download directly from a private blob using jQuery.ajax. This example still requires a server component to generate the shared access signature: this avoids the need to expose the storage account key in the client code.

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You can use HTML5 File API, AJAX and MVC 3 to build a robust file upload control to upload huge files securely and reliably to Windows Azure blob storage with a provision of monitoring operation progress and operation cancellation. The solution works as below:

  1. Client-side JavaScript that accepts and processes a file uploaded by user.
  2. Server-side code that processes file chunks sent by JavaScript.
  3. Client-side UI that invokes JavaScript.

Get the sample code here: Reliable Uploads to Windows Azure Blob Storage via an HTML5 Control

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I have written a blog post with an example on how to do this http://blog.dynabyte.se/2013/10/09/uploading-directly-to-windows-azure-blob-storage-from-javascript/ the code is at GitHub

It is based on Gaurav Mantris post and works by hosting the JavaScript on the Blob Storage itself.

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