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I followed this tutorial to install rvm on ubuntu 12.04 when run rvm requirements, I got the following message

Installing requirements for ubuntu, might require sudo password.
Running 'apt-get --quiet --yes update' would require sudo.
Cowardly refusing to continue, please read 'rvm autolibs'.
Updating repositories
Missing required packages: libgdbm-dev, libffi-dev.
Cowardly refusing to continue, please read 'rvm autolibs'.

I got same message when run rvm install 1.9.3

Can anyone help?


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Sometimes the official documentation it's more reliable than a blog. Take a look at the rvm documentation. The command from the blog to install rvm is:

curl -L | bash -s stable

and the official documentation recommend that one:

\curl -L | bash -s stable --autolibs=3 --rails

Probably this will solve your problems with autolibs, the same that was happening for example in that question .

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from - there are two modes that will be useful for you:

  1. rvm autolibs read-only - it will do all the steps and only show the required commands / missing libraries
  2. rvm autolibs enable - it will install everything for you, it might require sudo password so a nice trick for tools like capistranos is to:

    rvm autolibs read-only
    sudo rvm --autolibs=enabled requirements ruby-2.0.0
    rvm install ruby-2.0.0

A writeup about autolibs

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I was getting some sort of same error:

Missing required packages: libreadline6, libreadline6-dev, libyaml-dev, libffi-dev. Cowardly refusing to continue, please read 'rvm autolibs'.

Even though Ubuntu Software Center showing "libreadline6, libreadline6-dev etc" installed.

I got this fixed disabling autolibs:

rvm autolibs disable

ruby install 1.9.X worked!

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Below solution is to solve the rvm requirment error returns 100

If any deb command is commented in /etc/apt/sources.list than try to uncomment that command from /etc/apt/sources.list

Command is:

$sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list

If problem is not solved than replace sources.list file with other Ubuntu's sources.list

Command is:

$mv <file path of sources.list from other Ubuntu machine> /etc/apt/sources.list

Please make a backup before doing that

Command is:

$cp /etc/apt/sources.list sources_backup.list

Problem should solve by this time, if not than reinstall the Ubuntu.

Note: If sources.list file is corrupted than it will gives problem to install other packages.

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