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I am running into an issue where a lot of processes block due to having more than 1000 access control entries active at a time; this is a known issue in Jackrabbit; a work-around has been identified and rolled out into 2.4.1, but CQ 5.5 / CRX 2.3 uses Jackrabbit 2.4.0. Are there any workarounds available under 2.4.0?

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I ran into this article that refers to CRX 2.2.

The resolution says to install CRX hotfixpack This makes CachingEntryCollector configurable. via a JVM parameter:

I have not been able to locate hotfix, but the solution is showing in

This has been addressed before. The question is, did this make it into CRX 2.3. I am still digging through CQ, looking for org.apache.jackrabbit.core, to see if this fix made it to the new version.

update: Sadly, this change did not make it in to 2.3.

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