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I am new to rhino Mocks and I need to write a unit test case for the following method:

public string PutFileInArchive(string fileName, string userId, string mimeType, byte[] fileContents, IocContainer container)
        string archiveId;

            IArchiveService _archiveService = container.Resolve<IArchiveService>();
            archiveId = _archiveService.Archive(fileName, mimeType, userId, fileContents);
        catch (Exception ex)

        return archiveId;

The above method internally calls a web client method which I need to mock. I created a stub, but I am not sure how to use it. My method is always calling the actual webclient method.

    public void Archive_PutFileInArchive_ShouldPut()
        StreamReader reader = new StreamReader("C:\\File.txt");
        MemoryFile file = new MemoryFile(reader.BaseStream, "string", "File.txt");

        HttpPostedFileBase postedFile = file;

        var fileContents = new byte[file.ContentLength];
            file.InputStream.Read(fileContents, 0, file.ContentLength);

        IFileArchiveService fileArchiveService = MockRepository.GenerateMock<IFileArchiveService>();

        fileArchiveService.Stub(x => x.Archive("File.txt", "text/plain", "webuser1", fileContents)).Repeat.Once().Return("12345");

        Archive archive = new Archive();
        string fileid = archive.PutFileInArchive("File.txt", "webuser1", "text/plain", fileContents, container);

        Assert.AreEqual("12345", fileid);

Please let me know how to use mocks in this kind of scenario.

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Your method is calling the actual webclient method because the actual webclient is registered in container as an implementation of IFileArchiveService.

To use the stub instead, you need to put fileArchiveService into container as an implementation of IFileArchiveService before calling archive.PutFileInArchive()

string fileid = archive.PutFileInArchive("File.txt", "webuser1", "text/plain", fileContents, container);

Actually, I'd suggest to use different containers for testing and for the application.

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Thanks @Alexander Stepaniuk. That fixed it. –  Badarinath Pennati Mar 28 '13 at 18:00

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