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I have tried setting my JAVA_HOME variable for Hadoop to no avail.

My Java runtime is in /usr/bin/java, but Hadoop keeps trying to access it in /usr/bin/java/bin/java.

I have set the JAVA_HOME in my .bash_profile and in bin/hadoop, but neither works. I am guessing that some other path setter is overriding this. Is this a known problem and what can be done about it?

A couple of other things I tried:

echo $JAVA_HOME from the hadoop script
add $JAVA_HOME to the conf/
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In your case: JAVA_HOME = /usr

The code assumes that the executable is located at: $JAVA_HOME/bin/java

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It's unlikely your Java installation is in /usr/bin/java.

The executable may be there, or may just be a link to the executable in your installation.

IMO it's cleaner to use your actual Java JDK/JRE directory and use that instead: that's what JAVA_HOME is supposed to be.

Using Hadoop is quite a bit more complicated than setting an environment variable correctly; you may be in for a rough road. Consider something like Kiji's Bento Box to ease initial setup.

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