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In php :

$nom_du_formulaire = basename ($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); 

after submiting a FORM and many many hoop in pgp files, i need the name of the original file that send it...So i try to get the $nom_du_formulaire when processing $_POST values...

i try this... not working

<input type="hidden" name="nom_du_formulaire" value="$nom_du_formulaire">

I try to use php global variable... dont work either !

SO the question, how to send my $nom_du_formulaire to a distant php file

files : in form.php : post = make_email.php. in make_email.php there is send_email.php and i need $nom_du_formulaire in send_email.php. but if i ask $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] i get : make_email.php. not the form.php name i need.

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How are you outputting the hidden tag? This is basic - You have to specify the PHP variable in PHP code if it's not already in a PHP code block.

<input type="hidden" name="nom_du_formulaire" value="<?php echo $nom_du_formulaire' ?>">

Or if it is you can output via print or echo:

 echo '<input type="hidden" name="nom_du_formulaire" value="'.$nom_du_formulaire.'">';

Try to avoid using global variables if possible.

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Try to avoid using global variables if possible. : EVERYBODY said that... but never explain why... –  menardmam Mar 28 '13 at 0:06
There's a reason why... :) Did you get your code to work? –  Revent Mar 28 '13 at 6:54

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