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Need to MD5 hash my query parameters for a Play! 2.0 web service request. Here's the skeleton method I'm putting together to handle the hashing:

  def API_SIG(params: Seq[(String,String)]) = {
    val hashParams = params.sortBy(_._1) :+ ("api_secret",API_SECRET)

That Seq[(String,String)] is the proper type for passing a sequence of query parameters to a Play! web service. For context:

  val requestParams = Seq() // nothing here, yet
  val finalParams = Seq(("api_key",API_KEY)) ++ requestParams
  val sigParams = requestParams :+ ("api_secret",API_SECRET)
  val signature = ("sig" -> API_SIG(params))
  val finalQueries = Seq(sigParam) ++ finalParams

  val request = 

A recap: I basically need to convert the Seq[(String,String)] to a query parameter string like param=value&more=better&etc=keepsgoing. Not sure if Play! has a native method for this or if anyone is aware of a simple way to do this. Thanks for the help!

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There's no convenience method for this in Play 2.0. However, here's how they do it in their own source code:

params.map(pair => pair._1 + "=" + URLEncoder.encode(pair._2, "UTF-8")).mkString("&")

(changed variable names and stripped the unnecessary parts).

For more advanced options, you could also use URLEncodedUtils in Apache HttpClient.

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Ah thanks for finding that! I was scouring the source code but I was stuck searching ning's methods. Very helpful –  crockpotveggies Mar 27 '13 at 23:32

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