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I'm using cmake to generate Makefiles on an x86_64 RHEL5 Linux box. cmake's generated "install" target installs to a path that is partially controllable (with DESTDIR and CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX) and partly fixed. What kind of controls do I have over the fixed portion, e.g.:

                ^^^^^^           ^^^^

I ask because I'm actually cross-compiling to an arm platform using a gnu 4.3.3 compiler, so that portion is correct. But the toolchain file doesn't seem to contain variables to affect the "rhel_5" and "i386" parts.

My arm cross-compiler has march=armv4t listed when I dump its specs.

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You should have full control over the fixed portion. From the docs for install:

DESTINATION arguments specify the directory on disk to which a file will be installed. If a full path (with a leading slash or drive letter) is given it is used directly. If a relative path is given it is interpreted relative to the value of CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX. The prefix can be relocated at install time using DESTDIR mechanism explained in the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX variable documentation.

So the "fixed" portion is the path specified in the install command(s) as the DESTINATION argument in your CMakeLists.txt file(s).

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Ah, you're right, it's that easy. I was being mislead by some helper code, mistaking it's actions for built-in behavior. – timje Mar 28 '13 at 12:28

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