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Suppose I have 2 graphs A and B and I want to know if A is a subgraph of B. The nodes contain attributes, say, 'size' and 'material'.

When I run:

GM = networkx.algorithms.isomorphism.GraphMatcher(B,A)
print networkx.algorithms.isomorphism.subgraph_is_isomorphic()

This only matches graph by edges only and not by edges and attribute.

Any clue on how check attributes?

Also, suppose B contains 2 connected graphs of A.

When I run:


This will output only 1 of the subgraphs of A. Any idea on how to output every subgraph?

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I've solved this by using:

print GM = iso.GraphMatcher(B,A,node_match=iso.categorical_node_match(['material', 'size'],['metal',1]))

What I didn't know before is that ['metal',1] is just a default and not a hard match.

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Thanks a lot for posting your own answer. I was also looking for a function to match graphs on node and edges attributes as well... –  Jim Raynor Jan 7 at 22:55
Can you explain the "default" value? I'm not sure how it will be used in the function. –  Jim Raynor Jan 8 at 11:16

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