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I am trying to bind a click event to a div which contains a input button. What i want is when the button is clicked i want to call another function.

The HTML div class is shown below.

var searchAttachPoint= document.querySelector('.header1');

And in my javascript i have these lines.

var searchAttachPoint= document.querySelector('.header1');
$(#header1).bind("click",searchPrompt("Key the text and press Ok", false));

I am getting an error saying "Unexpected token ILLEGAL " in the line where i bing the click event. Could someone please help me out. Thanks in advance.

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Just in case fixing this causes another problem, searchPrompt will need to return a function for this to work –  Jason Sperske Mar 27 '13 at 23:45

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I'm quite positive you want to do:

$("#header1").bind('click', function () {
    searchPrompt("Key the text and press Ok", false);

You should also use .on over .bind if it's available.

You also don't use the searchAttachPoint from your example. Note that .header1 and #header are different, so maybe you even mean to do $(searchAttachPoint).bind, but that's not necessary when $(".header1") would work.

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$(#header1) should be $('#header1')

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