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I'd like to enable users to upload and watch videos on my website. This is very much like what a site like youtube currently does. I'm not trying to create another youtube. The video functionality is complimentary to other, already existing functionality the site has. I don't mind having the users upload via youtube or another video sharing site. The videos don't have to be private, but I do need to control the upload process. Meaning, I'd like the video upload to be one step in a multi-step process. So for example, let's say that if I was building a job search site (I am not), a user might do the following steps.

  1. Register and supply some info about yourself
  2. Create a resume with employment history
  3. Upload a video about yourself for employers to see
  4. Review and activate resume

So, in step #3 the user needs to upload a video.

Do I have any way to integrate with an existing video sharing site, but still retain control over the entire process? Or do I need to create the uploading, converting to FLV, and playing from scratch myself?

I would like to avoid telling the user to independently go on youtube, post a video, and then tell the site what the URL is.


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