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Trying to use Ruby 1.9.3 & rest-client to make https requests like:


always gives me a SSL error,

OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError: SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server key exchange B: bad ecpoint

which I cannot figure out. bad ecpoint?

I've had no trouble making the same request with 1.9.3 & rest-client on another Mountain Lion machine.

Notes about this machine: MacBook pro with fresh Mountain Lion install, where I originally had some trouble installing gcc-4.2 via the XCode command line tools, but eventually got gcc-4.2 via homebrew/dupes. I've uninstalled & reinstalled RVM and 1.9.3 since then.

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try: rvm get head; rvm --autolibs=4 --debug requirements - if it reports installing something then run rvm reinstall 1.9.3 –  mpapis Mar 28 '13 at 22:36
thanks, trying this now. can you explain what this does? is it just updating rvm and checking if i have the requirements? –  dyln Mar 29 '13 at 20:49
looks like i have plenty of problems here... will update once I understand what i was missing. –  dyln Mar 29 '13 at 20:49
@mpapis fixed my problem, would you like the answer karma? else i will answer my own question. –  dyln Mar 30 '13 at 0:56

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Explaining my comment...

Update RVM to latest development version (but stable should work too):

rvm get head

Install all required libraries for ruby (autolibs=4 is for full automation):

rvm --autolibs=4 --debug requirements

Finally reinstall ruby:

rvm reinstall 1.9.3

You can enable full library automation within RVM for next commands with:

rvm autolibs enable
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excellent. Not sure why but my openssl install was hosed. I was missing a bunch of other dependencies as well. Thanks @mpapis. –  dyln Mar 30 '13 at 17:48
A great explanation as well. –  dyln Mar 30 '13 at 17:49
worked like a charm! –  Rahul Aug 19 '13 at 18:16

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