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This might be a bit too specific for here and I may need to contact redactor support but i've seen other questions about redactor here so i figured i'd give it a shot ...

Ok ...

So i'm trying to get get image uploading to work following the example here ...


My client side code ...

            focus: true,
            imageUpload: '/MyController/UploadImage'

My MVC controller action looks like this ...

    public JsonResult UploadImage(object image)
        // Do something with whatever that was i got from redactor
        var result = new { filelink = "" };
        return Json(result);

The problem is ... what did redactor actually give me? Was it the whole file? a chunk? i can't seem to tell because the object has no type information at all and the raw post information seems way too little to actually be a whole image file.

Has anyone had any experience with this / actually done it before? I don't really want to setup php on my server for this 1 function.

EDIT: Ok a bit more digging reveals that if i pull the underlying Request object it has a files property which apparently contains my posted image file. I think i might be able to figure it out from here.

Where I get a code block in place i'll post it as an answer.

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You will probably find that image is of type HttpPostedFileBase –  StanK Mar 28 '13 at 1:38

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You are receiving a HttpPostedFileBase object. Here is my implementation:


    imageUpload: '/blog/images/',
    imageGetJson: '/images/locations/blogs/'

Then in the controller:

    public ActionResult Images(HttpPostedFileBase file)
        // Verify that the user selected a file
        if( file != null && file.ContentLength > 0 )
            // extract only the fielname
            var fileName = Path.GetFileName( file.FileName );
            // store the file
            var path = Path.Combine( ImageLocation.BlogPicturePath, fileName );

            file.SaveAs( path );
        return Json( new { filelink = ImageLocation.BlogPictureUrl + "/" + file.FileName } );
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ok um ... i think im there ... This needs a bit of cleaning up and I don't expect you guys to understand what goes on under the bonnet of my custom DMS code but just assume it takes the stream and returns a FileInfo object and in theory this should work for you too ...

        public ActionResult Upload()
            // this object is specific to my system but all it does is 
            // stream the file to a path on the server (code not needed for this Q)
            var dmsService = _kernel.Get<IDMSFileSystemService>();

            List<FileInfo> savedFiles = new List<FileInfo>();

            for (int i = 0; i < Request.Files.Count; i++)
                var file = Request.Files[i];
                using (file.InputStream)
                    savedFiles.Add(dmsService.AddFromStream(file.InputStream, file.FileName);
            var result = savedFiles.Select(f => new { filelink = f.Path}).ToArray();
            return Json(result);

Suprisingly simple right ... :)

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