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I am having a problem viewing a cookie value in Safari 6 developer tools. Just to be clear - the cookie works fine. I can see/fetch/echo the value of the cookie on the page. However, I can't see it in the Storage section of Web Inspector.

I'm wondering if the problem is multi-level subdomains. We have these:

www.dev.int.domain.com (accessible only while on VPN)

We want this cookie accessible to all the domains, so we set a domain-level cookie like so (example):
Set-Cookie: UserLoginCookie=someencryptedvalue; Domain=.domain.com; Expires=Sun, 23-Mar-2014 00:02:56; Max-Age=31104000; Path=/; Version=1; HttpOnly

I'm looking in Web Inspector, in the Storage section, under Cookies.
When I load www.domain.com, I see the UserLoginCookie in the list.
When I load sub.domain.com, I see the UserLoginCookie in the list.
When I load www.dev.int.domain.com, I do NOT see the cookie, even though I can read/set it.

I've tried to google for this and search stackoverflow, but I've gotten nowhere. Does anyone know if this is a Safari bug or if there's just a step/option that I'm missing somewhere?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I am guessing this is a Webkit based bug that Safari has yet to fix - Webkit Developer Tools does not show parent domain cookies?

There is no easy way to do it as Safari removed the ability to see individual cookies from the Security tab: "Show Cookies" button missing as per this HOWTO. I have also tried the "Safari Cookies" plugin but it does not work as the cookie list did not refresh for me.

I've resolved to inspecting cookies with the 'document.cookie' in the developer console.

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