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here is a quick description of my screen layout.

        <CustomTextView />
        <CustomTextView />
        <CustomTextView />
    <CustomTextView />
    <CustomTextView />

I coded it so that CardView extends LinearLayout and CustomTextView extends TextView. Everything works fine except I want to draw a border line at the bottom of the CardView and at the bottom of the second CustomTextView. To do so, I use the same method for my CardView and my CustomTextView:

protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas) {
    if (mDrawBottomBorder)
        canvas.drawLine(mRect.left, mRect.bottom, mRect.right, mRect.bottom, mBorderPaint);

That method gets called in both cases, i.e. for my CardView and CustomTextView but it doesn't draw the border for my CardView! I suspect it's because it extends LinearLayout and not TextView but shouldn't it work anyway?

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Ok I figured it out. My 3rd CustomTextView in my CardView layout was covering the border beneath it so the line wasn't visible.

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