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I have multiple identical dataframes: X1, X2, ..., X32

example of one dataframe:

> X1
1 3300320

I would like to have juste one dataframe like that:

> XTotal
    value   X
1 3300320   1
2  345098   2
32  34355   32

I tried with a for loop and paste("X", i, sep=""), rbind, etc. but each time I got a list of string like that:

> listDF
1  "X1"
2  "X2"
32 "X32"

So, I can't call properly each dataframe to put their values in the XTotal dataframe...

I'm a little lost, any idea?

Thanks in advance!

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Never grow an object in a loop. This is highly inefficient as it will copy the entire object every time.

to create a list of the data.frames use get and lapply or mget

dflist <-  mget(paste('X', 1:32), envir = parent.frame()) 
# also valid
# dflist <- lapply(paste('X', 1:32), get)

# to combine them
DFlist <- do.call('rbind', dflist)

# or, faster
DFlist <- rbindlist(dflist)

If the data.frames do not have the same columns / order of columns use rbind.fill from plyr

DFlist <- rbind.fill(dflist)

There really isn't any need to create dflist explicity

Any of the following would also work

rbind.fill(mget(paste('X', 1:32), envir = parent.frame()))
rbindlist(mget(paste('X', 1:32), envir = parent.frame()))
do.call(rbind, mget(paste('X', 1:32), envir = parent.frame()))
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Great! Thanks a lot! I didn't know the mget fonction. –  lojacobs Mar 28 '13 at 13:19

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