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I have the following code and i'm trying to update an embedded document in a listfield.

store = store_service.get_store_from_product_id(product_id)
got_product, idx = get_product_from_store(store, product_id)

product = Product()
product.pid = got_product.pid
product.display_name = display_name
product.description = description
product.rank = rank
product.price = price
product.categories = categories
product.properties = properties

store.catalog.products[idx] = product

print store.catalog.products[idx].__unicode__()


When I print out my product, it has the correct values, but when I save it, its not persisting. There are no errors being thrown. Any thoughts one what I could be doing wrong?

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store.catalog.products[idx] = product can be applies for DictField(). For ListField() you can try it:

store.catalog.products = [product]



There is ability atomic updates which can help another cases:


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