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I have a column in at table stored in SQL Server 2008 containing the full paths of some documents.

I need the paths transformed into a parent child hierarchy like shown below. I need this structure because it is required of the third party software I am using it for.

How is this done most elegant?




[Value]                 [Parent]
Docname1.txt            root/Dir1/Dir11/Dir3    
root/Dir1/Dir11/Dir3    root/Dir1/Dir11
root/Dir1/Dir11         root/Dir1
root/Dir1               root

Docname2.txt            root/Dir1/Dir12/Dir3
root/Dir1/Dir12/Dir3    root/Dir1/Dir12
root/Dir1/Dir12         root/Dir1
root/Dir1               root

Docname3.txt            root/Dir1/Dir11
root/Dir1/Dir11         root/Dir1
root/Dir1               root

Docname4.txt            root/Dir1/Dir11/Dir31
root/Dir1/Dir11/Dir31   root/Dir1/Dir11
root/Dir1/Dir11         root/Dir1
root/Dir1               root
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