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Suppose there are two types of object A and B and two getter functions

objA* getA(int id) and objB* getB(int id)

Object A and B are mutually exclusive. i.e. if a object is A, then it is not B. When to find a object using an ID, the code I use is below. So I am just wondering if the function can return non-NULL object pointer which may point to A or B using template. Or return null if the id is invalid.

void find(int id)
    objA* pa = getA(id);
    if (pa != NULL)

    objB* pb = getB(id);
    if (pb != NULL)
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I think Boost Variant has what you need. It's an abstraction for a single object that might be one of several types. Your function signature then becomes:

boost::variant<A*, B*> find(int id);
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+1 for boost::variant suggestion. – kvanberendonck Mar 28 '13 at 3:27

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