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I have a serializable data object that I want to send as packets thru USB. It will have to be sent in 64 byte packets. In C I would set a pointer to my object and send byte by byte for the sizeof the object. I can't find a "sizeof" capability in java? I have a 64 byte buffer that I can already send a packet of data with. How can I load portions of fdata into my usb buffer?

FileDataFormat fdata;

public class FileDataFormat implements Serializable {

public static final Integer numofswitches = 8;  //use 1-7
// set for 10 channels for future
byte switchesEnabled = 0; //switchesEnabled

String[][] switch_name = new String[numofswitches][20];  //auxLabels's
int[] configurableMaxCurrentTenths = new int[numofswitches];                    //configurableMaxCurrentTenths
byte softStartByte = 0;         //softStartByte
byte delayedButtonPressEnable = 0;      //delayedButtonPressEnable
byte[] delayedButtonPressTimeDelayTenths = new byte[numofswitches];         
byte currentReadingSelectedChannels = 0;
byte threshholdEnabled = 0; //threshholdEnabled
byte[] triggerChannel = new byte[numofswitches];        //triggerChannel
boolean[] expressionType = new boolean[numofswitches];   //expression type > or <
float[] hysteresis = new float[numofswitches];
float[] threshhold = new float[numofswitches];

public FileDataFormat() {


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