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Is there any lifecycle method of bean which gets called after bean is created .

I dont want to use init or destroy callback method of bean

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If you put @PostConstruct annotation on any public method of your bean class, Spring will call it after the bean is created and all its dependencies are injected.

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And @PreDestroy but you need to use <context:annotation-config /> or something that implies it. – Philippe Marschall Mar 28 '13 at 8:38

Yes! there is

<bean id="personDet" class="com.beans.PersonDet" init-method="yourInitMyBean()">

There is an attribute for each bean definition i.e init-method

The method yourInitMyBean() in PersonDet class will load first time when bean is created and will never call again

Similarly there is destroy-method attribute for bean defination

<bean id="personDet" class="com.beans.PersonDet" destroy-method="destroyBean()">

The method destroyBean() will be called only when you trying to shutdown your application or when the time your closing your beanFactory , ApplicationContext call close() method.

You can put both the attribute in-order test..

Hope it helps.

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