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public BusinessAccounting.ViewModel.Account.AccountViewModel AccountVM;    

public QBImportDataWizard()

void oQB_RetrieveQBAccountsCompleted(object sender, QBAccountsServiceReference.RetrieveQBAccountsCompletedEventArgs e)
    foreach (BusinessAccounting.QBAccountsServiceReference.QBAccounts acc in QBAccountlist)
        AccountVM.CurrentAccount.Active = acc.Active;
        AccountVM.CurrentAccount.Hierarchy =null;
        AccountVM.CurrentAccount.HierarchyLevel = acc.Sublevel;
        AccountVM.CurrentAccount.CashFlowID = 3;
        AccountVM.CurrentAccount.OpeningBalance = null;
        AccountVM.CurrentAccount.OpeningBalanceDate = DateTime.Now;
        AccountVM.CurrentAccount.Category1099ID = null;
        AccountVM.CurrentAccount.Remarks ="";
        AccountVM.CurrentAccount.BankID = 0;//Here i am getting error.

If I remove below line under QBImportDataWizard() dcBusinessAccountingContext.Load(dcBusinessAccountingContext.GetAccountsQuery()); then it is not giving any error. Let me know why?

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Please format your code properly. And it only shows part of the story. Like, what is Load and when does the event fire? –  Gert Arnold Mar 28 '13 at 10:03
You removed the line dcBusinessAccountingContext.Accounts.Add(AccountVM.CurrentAccount); which of course cause the exception. Your code keeps assigning values to the same object and adding the object to the context. –  Gert Arnold Mar 28 '13 at 11:30

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