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We have two tables,table1(id int,name nvarchar(50)) and table2(id int,name nvarchar(50)). For both tables id is primary key.I want to move rows from table2 to table1 with PK value incrementing i.e i want id=max(id)+1 of table1 for all rows copying .I found this query like this for sql server

declare @root int 
select @root=max(id) from Bgd_common.dbo.table1 
insert into Bgd_common.dbo.table1(id,Name) select @root + ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY ID),name from Bgd_common.dbo.table2

But ROW_NUMBER() will not work with Acces database.I don't want to use built in Auto increment property because I want to delete a row and then insert row in middle etc and Built in Auto increment property will cause some restriction on operations.How can i do same thing in MS access??

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here is the link that would solve your problem

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Is table1 ID an autonumber? If it is, you can simply copy table2 [name] to table1 and the values will increment. If it is not an autonumber, it may be best to make it one. MS Access works very well with autonumber IDs.

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I don't want to use built in autonumber property because it will cause some restriction on operations – IT researcher Mar 30 '13 at 5:23
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I used Dcount in place of Row Number() and it worked! Here is final query

insert into Bgd_common.dbo.table1(id,Name) select (select max(id) from Bgd_common.dbo.table1) + Dcount("id","test2","id <= " & [id]) ,name from Bgd_common.dbo.table2
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