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My minitest controllers test are working fine if I run them alone using rake minitest:controllers but when i run rake minitest:all then i get validation failed error . It is because email is already used in models test. I used database cleaner to clean database but unable to clean database.

My code for database cleaner 

 require "database_cleaner"
 DatabaseCleaner.strategy = :transaction

class MiniTest::Rails::ActionController::TestCase
    include Devise::TestHelpers

    def setup

    def teardown
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I found my mistake ,may be it helps someone else ..

I should write DatabaseCleaner.start in setup of every model test where setup is defined, as i am overwriting setup method in every test file.

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You can DRY up that repetition with this

DatabaseCleaner.strategy = :truncation
class MiniTest::Spec
  before :each do

This example subclasses the spec runner, but you can pick your test environment of choice.

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def setup ....end is same as before :each do ...end –  Anil Maurya Jul 17 at 13:47
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