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I am thinking of either joining in an open source project or come up with a own open source project. Currently i did some brainstorming on my own. And i thinking of doing some projects like

  • Online recruitment website similar to jorbb.com
  • An offline mode discussion forum akin like the golden days of the ‘IRC’ era, which builds upon the unique idea of offline messaging system designated for a group of forum-goers or personnel. This will facilitates faster response time to certain topics or threads. A robust, powerful and more functionality packed ‘IRC’.
  • MMORPG game
  • an online name card information website where companies/individuals can actually store their name card information online so that they do not always have to bring along all their name cards everywhere
  • setup an entrepreneur collaboration website.
  • Anyone have other ideas? Or any nice open source project i can join to gain more experience before doing my own?
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How about a website with open source project idea suggestions which people can vote up or down?

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On Sourceforge there is a market place. It is a good place for talking about ideas. –  bastianneu Aug 18 '09 at 8:36
The SourceForge.net Marketplace service has been deprecated (shut down) effective 2009-06-29. –  Sorin Comanescu Nov 26 '09 at 14:45
Sounds like a good subreddit candidate. –  Sales Nov 27 '14 at 19:24
Time has passed. Is any website like that yet? –  Federico Feb 27 at 17:56

I'd recommend doing something that fulfills a need you have personally. That way, you have some motivation to tough it out when you get bored or fed up... and when it's finished, you've got something useful to you.

As for joining an existing one, pick one you like. The ideal project will vary so much from person to person that it's hard to say "here, try this one".

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The Internet Wishlist just launched. It's sort of an like an application-centric LazyWeb.

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More of a question - Is there a site, forum or something similar to the suggestion in Harry's answer? I have what I think is potentially an interesting project idea and something like OSSOverflow would be great to test the waters :)

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Personal health monotoring system (linux) One of the new up and comming trends of the net is personal health. Here three parts will be integrated: a personal diary of health statistics (blood pressure, cholesterol, medications etc), integration with measuring devices (mobilephones, bloodsugar devices etc) and integration with cloud services, preferably something like web MD with a large active community of users. The whole thing would also have to be safer than normal archives. Is there something like this in existence for linux? Could something like this be made? I have seen open source archives in which you can record medical information and have it displayed graphically. However, i have not seen an integration with either technical devices or cloud services. It would be great if the program, on the basis of the available statistics, could be able to generate advice and reccomend new articles on your own conditions. For instance, if you have entered the diagnosis diabetes medical news on diabetes will appear in your program. If your blood pressure is high, the program could suggest a change in diet or a visit to the doctor. At the same time access to online forums such as those of webmd, would give you access to advice from other patients and doctors (possibly paid).

You wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel, just integrate a forum, a personal database, a home remedy encyclopedia, a medical newsservice and the isabel symptoms checker http://symptomchecker.isabelhealthcare.com/home/main . Isabel is text driven, so you can enter test results in the symptoms' fields. There are also opensource software that evaluates the results of genetic tests. These could be added to the application.

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Castle Project, NHibernate, FubuMVC Subtext...

there are lots of interesting projects out there.

Just think about which one can give you the experience you need, and which one you can contribute to best.

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There are many ideas! Start with that users need in Linux desktop:

  1. Universal Modem Installer. You know wvdial, usbserial, usb_modeswitch, etc, right? How if Linux has a new application for doing USB modem installation automatically? Sure methods differ in each modem but should be exist an application like this.

  2. DEBSaver Software Manager that can do saving for installed DEB packages into another folder, separately according to installed software name. So, user just copy the folder (e.g. Netbeans/) and do sudo dpkg -i *.deb inside it. We can choose between make new or juts make plugin for Synaptic.

  3. IDM for Linux. It is very useful if Internet Download Manager can be cloned or Linux has better speed download manager and more user-friendly than it.

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