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What is the Difference between Spring IOC and Spring AOP and their Importance ?

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Just a little googling would be appreciated before asking on stackoverflow. – vertti Mar 28 '13 at 6:38
ya did ...but not satisfied with those answers and i felt those as complex answers. – Sunil Rk Mar 28 '13 at 6:42
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Have you searched the web for IoC and AOP? There are a lot of references to both.

In a nutshell, IoC allows an external force to determine what implementation will be used by code rather than the code determining the implementation. The "external force" might be a configuration file, a unit test, other different code, etc.

AOP allows cross-cutting concerns to be implemented outside of the code affected by those concerns.

The "purpose" of Spring includes IoC and AOP, but goes quite a ways beyond that in its scope.

For more details please check.

Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern and Aspect-oriented programming Also check this

What is AOP, Dependency Injection and Inversion Of Control in Simple English

IoC, AOP and more

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Spring IOC :In simple answer normally you create object with new operatore and set yourself for getter and setter .So,yes we use new operator in java to create object.There is no any bad in doing this.But,when yours project size grows and lots of developer working and you want to achieve pojo based programming ,you can use DI.So then may your question arises why i can not code it myself.Of course you can using the power of reflection and annotation,xml .But,some other had already coded this than why not reuse .So,you use third party .There are lost of option for you to choose .Spring can be best one.So,spring manages yours object life cycle from object creation to its destruction.You use the object created and set by Spring DI container but you do not create yourself.

Spring AOP:It is related to cross cutting concern.What it mean is in large system the common functionality is scattered throughout different,aop provides a easiest way to take out a common implementaiton in the form of aspect.You can also in this case write own implementation using proxy concept but you can reuse the code of proxy based that is implementaion OF aop alliance using spring.

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Objective of IOC is to reduce explicit dependencies between components, while purpose of AOP is is to wire components together possibly by enforcing certain common behaviour (read: NOT Interface)

Now since purpose of AOP is to enforce certain behaviour across components; IOC comes in handy to achieve this purpose

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