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Is there a standalone tool or gem which can be used to tidy up HTML code (erb or haml). We tried using htmlbeautifier gem but it didn't work with HAML code as it didn't do anything to beautify the code. Are there any other better tools and I would like it to be something like a rake task and not necessarily an editor add-on.

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Is there a gem which I can incorporate as a rake task? – Rpj Apr 1 '13 at 3:37
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In general, HAML is structured in such a way as to make it easy and somewhat mandatory for the author to write "beautiful" code from the beginning. Most of what a beautifier does is make non-syntatically relevant changes to whitespace in languages/formats where whitespace is entirely irrelevant (with the possible exception of line breaks). This is an obstacle to beautifying HAML because whitespace is syntactically relevant. Also HAML removes the need for braces and the like, so they don't need to be cleaned up either.

What exactly are you expecting a HAML beautifier to do? Can you provide an example of a valid HAML file you would input to a beautifier and the output you would want from the beautifier?

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You can Use Netbeans IDE as Code Beautifier. Just paste your code there and press the shortcut key Alt+Shift+F your code snippet will me beautified/Formatted automatically

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I usually do this with Django by using BeautifulSoup , but I did a little Googling around and found something called RubyfulSoup , though it says not supported, but I guess would still do the job. I looked for alternatives and found a group of other ones as well :

This Questions and It's answers can help you as well .

UPDATE: Check this Javascript Beautifier as well!

Hope these are useful.

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