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I've autoloaded a class, which is properly namespaced and PSR-0. I put it in app/lib/CI, and the class and it's filename are the same "DB". The class file itself includes a config file before the actual class:

require( 'config.php' );

class DB {
  // ...

The class is clearly autoloading, because when I call the static method connect it does display an error message from inside ::connect(). The problem is, global variables that are inside the included config.php are not available inside the class::method.

So, to be clear, the array $connection_settings is inside config.php, but even when using:

global $connection_settings;

$connection_settings is not set inside the connect method.

Something interesting is that even though the class is autoloaded, if I include the class from the top of my routes.php file, everything works normally. So what am I not doing right to get autoloading to work the way I consider "normal"?

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Won't this make stuff messy? –  Pineapple Under the Sea Mar 28 '13 at 8:07
Whether or not is would make stuff messy is not the question. The fact is, I'd prefer to use alternate DB class, but when it is autoloaded, the global variable is not available inside the class. –  Brian Gottier Mar 28 '13 at 14:48

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This is an issue with Composer rather than Laravel. Composer makes every effort not to pollute the global scope during autoloading (discussed briefly in #1297). If you want to force global variables then you should declare them as global in your config file, as well as in any function using them.

The PHP Manual says:

Using global keyword outside a function is not an error. It can be used if the file is included from inside a function.

The below code works for me (with Laravel 4b4 on PHP 5.4.13). Removing either global line breaks the code (in different ways).


global $connection_settings;
$connection_settings = array(/* ... */);


require 'config.php';
class DB {
    static function connect()
        global $connection_settings;
        // Do something with $connection_settings
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