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In a previous question I found out that I should be setting nginx ssl termination and not having Rails process encrypted data.

Then why does the following exist?

config.force_ssl = true

I see this commented out in the production config file. But if the expectation is that nginx will handle all the ssl stuff so that my rails app doesn't deal with encrypted data then what does config.force_ssl = true do?

Should I leave it commented out in production if I know I will always be using nginx?

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This setting forces HTTPS by redirecting HTTP requests to their HTTPS counterparts. So a browser visiting http://domain.com/path will be redirected to https://domain.com/path.

Leaving the setting commented out would allow both protocols.

You still have to configure your web server to handle HTTPS requests.

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It forces all communication with the server to be encrypted and use ssl - i.e. https

When you include it in a controller that controller will only accept https requests.

Helpful links:

http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionController/ForceSSL/ClassMethods.html http://rubydoc.info/docs/rails/ActionController/ForceSSL http://railscasts.com/episodes/270-authentication-in-rails-3-1?view=comments

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