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The shell script will be passed a string of arguments. The position of the key/value I am looking to parse out may change over time, i.e. it may come before or after another key at any time so parsing between two keys wouldn't be an option.

I am looking to parse the domain key out of a string like this:

maxpark 0 maxsub n domain maxlst n max_defer_fail_percentage user oli force no_cache_update 0 maxpop n maxaddon 0 locale en contactemail

The key would be "domain" the value would be "". The domain key could have more than one '.' in it so I would need to grab the entire domain key.

I am not the best with regular expressions but I imagine using 'sed' is what I'm going to need to do.

I am accessing this full string using $*, if I could simply reference the key by accessing $DOMAIN that would be great, but since my only option is to access based on position, $3, and the position could change, that isn't an option

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Solved the problem using PERL.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

my %OPTS = @ARGV;

open(FILE, "</var/named/$OPTS{'domain'}.db") || die "File not found";
my @lines = <FILE>;

my @newlines;
foreach(@lines) {
   $_ =~ s/$LOCAL_IP/$PUBLIC_IP/g;

open(FILE, ">/var/named/$OPTS{'domain'}.db") || die "File not found";
print FILE @newlines;
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If you do have perl, just use this one-liner from your shell script.

domain=$( echo $* | perl -ne '/domain\s([^\s]+)\s/ and print "$1"' )

Or if you'd rather just do it with sed:

domain=$( echo $* | sed 's/.*\<domain \([^ ]\+\).*/\1/' )
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