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I got a problem that when I try to create a type at my local oracle database. the following script had been run on server successfully

        id                         VARCHAR2(6),        
        name                       VARCHAR2(14),               
        email                      VARCHAR2(4)

and it can also be run successfully at local oracle, the problem is the type I would like to create still can not be found even statue shows "type created complete"

I can not turn the options on(usually click a "plus" to see more detail) at the place I can see all types, I have no idea whether is privileges problem or any problem else..

I will need to do some program examination in my laptop, not I am stocked by this problem...


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You can use

DESC type_name;

to describe types.

To see all the available types in your system, you can run

FROM user_objects
WHERE object_type = 'TYPE'
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Thanks for reply, it works! –  Kun-yao Wang Mar 28 '13 at 9:44

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