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this is my region.xml file:-

<child_4 entity_id="4" value="Activities" parent_id="2">
    <child_10066 entity_id="10066" value="Physical1" parent_id="4">
    <child_10067 entity_id="10067" value="Cricket" parent_id="10066">
        <child_10068 entity_id="10068" value="One Day" parent_id="10067"/>
<child_4331 entity_id="4331" value="Region" parent_id="2">
    <child_5069 entity_id="5069" value="Irungattukottai" parent_id="4331"/>

this is my product.xml file:-

  <product_id value="1">
    <tab_id value="351">
      <tab_name value="test1"/>
      <region_timezone value="1"/>
      <registrationstatus value="2"/>
      <eventstatus value="2"/>
      <dist_activity value="5"/>
      <dist_activity value="10068"/>
      <dist_activity value="10070"/>
      <dist_region value="5069"/>
      <dist_region value="5069"/>
      <dist_region value="5069"/>
  <product_id value="2">
    <tab_id value="352">
      <tab_name value="test2"/>
      <region_timezone value="1"/>
      <registrationstatus value="2"/>
      <eventstatus value="2"/>
      <dist_activity value="5"/>
      <dist_activity value="10069"/>
      <dist_activity value="10070"/>
      <dist_region value="4457"/>
      <dist_region value="7140"/>
      <dist_region value="5069"/>

i have one html file in them one textbox i use to find the activities.
like... One Day in Irungattukottai One Day is a attribute value of <Child_10068> and Irungattukottai is attribute value of <Child_5069> in region.xml.
One Day Is Activities as per our xml see the element<Child_4>.
& Irungattukottai is child of Region see <child_4331>.
so i am try to type in textbox One Day in Irungattukottai if its match in region.xml file then get there entity_id and check in product.xml file...
type in text box:- One Day in Irungattukottai One Day entity_id = 10068``(its Activities) and Irungattukottaientity_id=5069(its Region)then check in product.xmlandif both are match then return` value....

this is my tried


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Pls post the code that you have tried to solve that –  michi Mar 28 '13 at 12:24
@michi check this question i am tried this...… –  user2017104 Mar 28 '13 at 12:25

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