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@@EDIT I'll try to better explain my question and I apologize for my previous bad-confused post.

As far as I know primary purpose of business logic component is covering all business logic operation regardless of technologies used (asp.net, WinForm, Wpf and so on).

That's all, it's simple. I might use UnitOfWork pattern on DAL component which allow me to keep decoupled among DB type and other storing technologies, afterwards build a BLL to integrate all internal logic about CRUD operation.

For instance:

public class BLLDocument
   protected IUnitOfWork _unit;

public BLLDocument()
   _unit = MyFactory.GetUnit();

public void AddDocument(DocumentEntity doc, CustomerEntity customer)
      // Some check here about the entities I'm being to add
      // As you can see, my logic force you to send two entity for insert a document
   catch(Exception exc)
      // other logic here:
      // or


Well, now I need to write a simple ASP.NET application as UI and use my Business logic component to do some CRUD operation. It would be very boring wirte all times a custom datasource to set it for some gridview or other UI control, instead it would be great to write, a simple inherited ObjectDataSource which can be used to bind all data coming from and goes to Business logic component. For what, I think, I need to find a common operation for all my business class, e.g. (Insert-Edit-Delete-Select).

Well, it seems good...not for sure. In fact, in my previous example I have an AddDocument method that requires two entity argument and it's always true in real word, we often execute a "single" operation dependencing between more than one factor (in my case, DocumentEntity and CustomerEntity for AddDocument operation).

I think that's a common tedious problem, so: how can I placing another component in order to make easy databind operation, for instance, in asp.net world?

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Format your code if you want someone to answer. You might also want to read the comments on this Q: stackoverflow.com/questions/12376937/… Since they also address your "repository" –  jgauffin Mar 28 '13 at 14:33
I've edited my post right now.. –  bit Mar 28 '13 at 18:43
do you find it more readable? –  jgauffin Mar 28 '13 at 22:47
Editated again, this time it's clean..I hope –  bit Mar 29 '13 at 0:13

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