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Im trying to make the charts work in my HRM app using morris.js & javascript ...coffescript does not work for me according to the railcasts episode charts episode as it breaks my entire app ...so cant use it ... :( ...

Well this is my ERB file (gist) ... https://gist.github.com/SkyKOG/5261972

And this is how the chart would appear http://i.imgur.com/jXgmBas.png ...do notice that the JSON is appearing correctly but for now im stupidly just hard-coding the json data in the morris script tag (please see the gist) ... instead of using $('#genders_chart').data('emp_spec_views') as shown in the episode (which dosent display anything for me)...

So i needed to know how to get the data in the script correctly so that the graph is rendered correctly ...

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I finally for it working and thought i should post here for other's benefit :) ...


Credits : tiraeth ...

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