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I generate an array "AoS" of structures "str" in the following way:

for i = 1:iMax
    for j = 1:jMax
        str = calculatestructure();
        AoS(i,j) = str;

Now, let's say tha t the structure has two fields: str.field1, str.field2. I want to get the value of str.field1 for the Ith and Jth element of AoS, and I get the following errors according to the method used. If I use any of the two methods, I get the error: "Reference to non-existent field 'field1'"

value = AoS(I,J).field1; % method 1
value = AoS.field1(I,J); % method 2

Any idea? Is there a spacial command to access an array of structures? The help shown here, here and here, is not actually usefull for this poblem.

Thank you very much.

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Are you sure of the output of the calculatestructure() ? I tested:

for i = 1:10
    for j = 1:10
        str = struct();
        AoS(i,j) = str;

and I do get the field field1 of the structure at the 1,1 position in the array of structures AoS. Maybe calculatestructure() doesn't output a structure with the fields you think. Is AoS really a iMax x jMax struct array and does each element have the field1 field ?

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actually the structure come from a file. I noticed that if I save it as an ".mat" file, i can access it without problems, but if I save it as a ".m" file, I can acce it using the graphical interface, but not from the code... maybe I should change the title and the description of the question... –  Andrew Strathclyde Apr 17 '13 at 11:29

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