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I got the error "Attempt to echo a string that might be tainted", the error line is,

<form action="?action=export&val=<?php echo $_GET['val'];?>&export=yes" method="post">

How can I fix this issue.

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You have enabled Taint functions. It will issue warning if you pass potential XSS codes (tainted strings) to functions.

You can disable it by setting taint.enable = 0 in php.ini

As suggested by other users, use of urlencode(), urlrawencode() (note the difference), htmlspecialchars() can eliminate the warning. Also, if you want to use the $_GET, $_POST variable in database, be sure to escape it by mysqli_real_escape_string() or use prepared statement or use PDO.

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The error refers to the fact that the variable is inserted into the URL exactly the way the user has specified, which is a potential security risk. Use urlencode($_GET['val']) instead, to escape the value and thus neutralize the risk.

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You have the Taint extention enabled :


Try using htmlspecialchars() when doing echo(s)

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Do not directly use $_GET[] variables, but first process them, validate that there's no SQL injection or other harmful stuff, then display processed value.

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