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I came across this piece of code in one of MicroChip's example codes. I'm unable to understand what it exactly means

typedef struct __attribute__((packed))
    BYTE command;
    BYTE data;

I can understand that a struct aliased ACCESSORY_APP_PACKET is being created, but what does the __attribute__((packed)) mean? It makes __attribute__ as a function. But if that is so, how is it being typedef'd as a struct?
BYTE is a known datatype made by Microchip.


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It is not part of the typedef, nor is it a function. It's a compiler extension using syntax that sort of looks "function-like" perhaps. It is used to change the way the struct members are packed in memory so it uses minimal space, rather than being packed in a potentially larger way that might execute faster.

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__attribute__ is a gcc compiler option that specifies a separate behavior of the compiler on compilation.

In your case it says to the compiler not to use padding between structure members.

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so as far as I am concerned, the code simply means a struct alias ACCESSORY_APP_PACKET was created with 2 BYTE elements in it? what does "not to use padding between structure members" exactly mean? – Adwait Dongare Mar 28 '13 at 11:06
Is it related to the fact that if i create a struct with say 2 booleans, the whole things becomes 2 bytes long instead of 2 bits long? – Adwait Dongare Mar 28 '13 at 11:07
@AdwaitDongare in order to make structure members access faster, structure members are padded to a processors word size (char member takes e.g 4 bytes instead of 1byte). Thus in your case you're forcing the structure to have size 2 bytes instead of 8 (this value can be dependent on the compiler/platform etc). – Alex Mar 28 '13 at 11:31

No, it's not a function. It's an attribute (this is a GNU extension). It specifies that there should be no padding between the members of the struct (which otherwise there can be).

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