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I want to get the Country which contains a latitude and longitude. Currently, I have the query below which works,

SELECT DISTINCT ?lat,?long,?place WHERE {
:Taj_Mahal dbpprop:latitude ?lat .
:Taj_Mahal dbpprop:longitude ?long .

Now, how can I get the Country which contains this latitude and longitude using dbpedia?

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You shouldn't use commas between variables in the SELECT clause, as explained in stackoverflow.com/questions/15680198/error-in-sparql-query. – Ben Companjen Mar 29 '13 at 12:21

if you already have the resource (Taj_Mahal) then you can use this query:

SELECT DISTINCT ?lat ?long (str(?place) as ?place) ?country1 ?country2 
  :Taj_Mahal dbpprop:latitude ?lat .
  :Taj_Mahal dbpprop:longitude ?long .
  :Taj_Mahal dbpedia2:location ?place .
  OPTIONAL {:Taj_Mahal dbpedia2:country ?country1} .
  OPTIONAL {:Taj_Mahal dbpedia2:locmapin ?country2} .

run query

if you only have lat and log, you can use this query:

SELECT DISTINCT str(?what) as ?what str(?place) as ?place ?country1 ?country2   
  ?target dbpprop:latitude 27 .
  ?target dbpprop:longitude 78 .
  ?target dbpedia2:location ?place .
  ?target rdfs:label ?what .
  OPTIONAL {?target dbpedia2:country ?country1} .
  OPTIONAL {?target dbpedia2:locmapin ?country2} .

  FILTER (lang(?what) = 'en')

run query

note, however, that this query works if the resource (Taj Mahal in this case) has country, location or logmapin properties set. this is not the case for all places.

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I'm having a confusion, for many places, the latitude and longitude property is from different namespaces, e.g. for this resource dbpedia.org/page/Kaaba, it it doesn't have dbpprop:latitude but geo:lat, how can we deal with this. Is the solution performing a union of the property so that the available one is chosen? – Noor Mar 29 '13 at 12:33
That resource does have dbpprop:latitude and dbpprop:longitude properties (although the values are not as precise as those in geo:lat and geo:lon). You could try { ?target geo:lat <x> ; geo:lon <y> } UNION { ?target dbpprop:latitude <x> ; dbpprop:longitude <y>}. – Ben Companjen Mar 29 '13 at 16:13
I'm just curious about one thing, why is it that same property is used from different namespaces?? – Noor Mar 30 '13 at 8:33
dbpprop:... is automatically created for every field in Infoboxes, but the geo:lat and geo:lon are used almost everywhere in the Linked Data world. Therefore, for compatibility it makes sense to add these properties for latitude and longitude values. – Ben Companjen Mar 30 '13 at 13:04

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