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 hibernate session to list conversion
 Compilation Error occured when java converted into scala..!!   

Error: type mismatch; found : java.util.List[?0] where type ?0 required: scala.collection.immutable.List[com.scala.entity.User]

   Code:     def getAllUsers(): List[User] = {
          return getSession().createQuery("from User where reslut='false'").list()
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    def getAllUsers(): List[User] = {
    val objList = getSession().createQuery("from User where isDelete = 'false'").list()
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May be simply way to using scala.collection.JavaConverters:

import scala.collection.JavaConverters._

def getAllUsers = getSession().createQuery("from User where reslut='false'").list().asScala.toList.map(_.asInstanceOf[User])
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