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I'm getting an error with my SPARQL query but can't find it out:


PREFIX owl: <> 
PREFIX xsd: <> 
PREFIX rdfs: <> 
PREFIX rdf: <> 
PREFIX dbpedia-owl: <> 
PREFIX : <> 
PREFIX dbpedia2: <> 
PREFIX dbpedia: <> 
SELECT DISTINCT ?lat, ?long { 
:Taj_Mahal dbpedia2:latitude ?lat . 
:Taj_Mahal dbpedia2:longitude ?long }


Encountered " "," ", "" at line 9, column 21.
Was expecting one of:
    "from" ...
    "where" ...
    "(" ...
    "{" ...

Any suggestion??

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you should not put a comma between ?lat and ?long

SELECT DISTINCT ?lat ?long { 
    :Taj_Mahal dbpedia2:latitude ?lat . 
    :Taj_Mahal dbpedia2:longitude ?long 

run query

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