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Wondering, After building nsmutablearray should i convert it to nsarray for performance benefit? If i am going to keep and use that array for quite sometime.

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No. The conversion itself will cost time and CPU cycles and you won't gain anything from the conversion.

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I would actually say it depends. If I create a NSMutableArray within a method and needs to return it, then generally unless the caller requires the ability to directly modify the array values, I will return the NSMutableArray as a NSArray for the sake of simlicity and to reduce the memory footprint of the application.

However, if I am creating the NSMutableArray for direct consumption within the current method, then I seen no benefit of casting it to a NSArray.

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Casting it back from NSMutableArray to NSArray won't reduce memory footprint; the object will remain NSMutableArray, it's just that the caller won't know it (unless they actively try and find out). Also who's to say NSMutableArray "costs" any more than NSArray? I would doubt it. –  trojanfoe Mar 28 '13 at 13:41

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