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This question was probably asked few time by now... but I didn't find any solution in the last 2 days so I'm asking it in here.
I need to inject some text into a textbox that has an ID and I already know it. the scenario is like that:

  • The user insert a text into the textbox inside my toolbar.
  • The user clicks on a button in my toolar.
  • The function in the button should redirect the user to a new page in the background, inject a text into a specified textbox and click a button in that webpage.
  • Return a link that is generated on the webpage.

I know how to open a new webpage. now all is left is the rest. I can't seem to inject the text into the specified textbox.

Also to note, I can't use greasemonkey on this project and that's why I will have to write everything I'll need to write.

If you can direct me to the starting point for this problem it would be nice.

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The textbox is XUL textbox or html textarea?

It look like your scenario is simulate submit a form in background, why not just directly create a XMLHttpRequest to do this, no need to interactive with UI.


If it is a XUL textbox, you can use value property

var textbox = window.document.getElementById(textboxId);
if (textbox) {
    textbox.value = 'your text';
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it's a xul textbox, and if you have any link to refence me on how to use it, it would be awesome. –  Sagi Rokach Apr 15 '13 at 16:22
You can use the value property. –  muzuiget Apr 16 '13 at 0:28

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